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Metal Flake Champion Destroyer

Metal Flake Champion Destroyer

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How it feels: Wide rimmed distance driver that feels as serious as it flies. Flight plate can range from fairly flat to a noticeable dome.

Metal Flake Champion Destroyer Flight numbers: 12 / 5 / -1 / 3

How the Destroyer flies: Boom goes the dynamite. The Destroyer is a very fast, very overstable distance driver meant for advanced players. Thrown with the proper amount of power, the Destroyer disc flies straight followed by a slight turn for incredible distance until its mighty fade brings it back to the ground. It has no problems with headwinds and once beat in, you can expect even greater distance.

Metal Flake Champion is a part of Innova’s Champion plastic family, which is among Innova’s most durable plastics. Along with that familiar see-through quality, Metal Flake Champion contains hundreds of tiny, sparkly metal flakes inside each disc. However, like other Champion plastics, it is also among Innova’s least grippy plastics. Metal Flake Champion Destroyers are considered to be the most overstable stock (widely available) Destroyer. An advanced level disc.

The Metal Flake Destroyer is great for:

  • Full send backhand and forehand drives
  • No regret headwind drives
  • Monster hyzer and flex shots
  • Overhand huks
  • Big wave skip shots

Notice: Stamp Color/Disc Color Combinations will vary with purchase.

Speed Glide Turn Fade
12 5 -1 3
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