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I-Dye Star Roadrunner

I-Dye Star Roadrunner

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Understable doesn’t have to be underwhelming. The Innova I-Dye Star Roadrunner is not only easy to throw, but it’s easy to love with its vibrant color design.

How it feels: Slender fairway style rim. Easy to grip and release. Most have at least a modest amount of dome.

More on I-Dye: Our I-Dye process gives you eye-popping colors and patterns without the trouble of dyeing discs yourself or sending your prized discs to someone else. **Most dramatic dyed Star discs we’ve seen in the warehouse!

How the Roadrunner flies: The Roadrunner is a very understable fairway driver. It produces a reliable straight or hyzer flip flight for those with less power or an easy-to-throw anhyzer or roller for those with bigger arms. Simply put, the Roadrunner disc does more with less than any other disc on the planet.

Star plastic: If you take the best qualities of all of Innova’s plastics and combine them into one plastic, you get the Star line. All skill levels. Pros, especially pack their bag with Star plastic. Best combination of grip, durability and performance. 

The Star Roadrunner is great for:

  • Effortless turnovers
  • Your first hyzer-flip or sidearm disc
  • Rollers
  • Hit the gap disc

How will I throw it?: Beginner to intermediate players will see straight flights right off the bat, especially if light weights used. Advanced players or those with high powered arms will turn this disc over easily. Great tailwind driver and long range roller.

Notice: Disc shown in specific Weight will be the disc you receive.

Speed Glide Turn Fade
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