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Champion Rollo

Champion Rollo

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As the name suggests, the Rollo is a disc for rolling. Most people will find it easier to roll than just about any other disc. It's also an option for woods play to throw backhands around corner as it has a lot of turn and a lot of glide.
You’ve probably heard that the Rollo is the easiest Innova Mid-Range to roll, but did you know it’s great for airshots in the woods too? With the added overstability of Champion plastic, Champ Rollos are a finesse player's dream. This disc is for left-to-right panning backhands, touchy flip-to-flat straight shots, and easy-to-execute rollers, all rolled into one amazing mold. 

Notice: Stamp Color/Disc Color Combinations will vary with purchase.

Speed Glide Turn Fade
5 6 -4 1
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