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Aviar DX Glow

Aviar DX Glow

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Light up your glow disc golf game with the Innova Glow DX Aviar, the after dark version of the world’s favorite putter.

How it feels: Unique Velvet-like DX feel. A lot of players prefer Glow DX over other plastics for putting.

Glow DX Aviar Flight numbers:  2 / 3 / 0 / 1

Durability: Similar to DX in that it is the least durable Innova plastic. Easy to break-in, though.

How it flies: When the Aviar is thrown at slow speed for putting, it holds the line you put it on with neutral stability. When utilized as a throwing putter the Aviar has surprising torque resistance. Distances 250 feet and in are easily reachable.

Great for:

  • Night Golf
  • Day Golf
  • Approaches
  • Short tee shots
  • 1 Disc rounds

Choose this disc: If you’re looking for a versatile disc for night golf that works just as well during the day, grab a Glow DX Aviar. 

Notice: Stamp Color/Disc Color Combinations will vary with purchase.

Speed Glide Turn Fade
2 3 0 1
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