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2024 Holyn Handley Tour Series Jawbreaker Z FLX Vulture

2024 Holyn Handley Tour Series Jawbreaker Z FLX Vulture

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In 2024, for the second year in a row on Discraft's Elite Team, Holyn Handley will feature the Vulture as her Tour Series disc!

The Vulture by Discraft is known for its long-range placement and controllable flight characteristics. This disc is appreciated for its less stable flight compared to some other drivers, offering more glide, and it's recognized for being a reliable choice especially when precision is required on the course. The Vulture is ideal for players who need a disc that offers consistent performance, aligning well with Holyn Handley's powerful throws and her strategic approach to the game.
Jawbreaker Z FLX! Engineered to elevate your game, these discs offer a perfect balance of flexibility and grip, ensuring every throw feels precise and controlled.

Notice: Stamp Color/Disc Color Combinations will vary with purchase.

Speed 9 | Glide 4 | Turn 0 | Fade 2

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